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The Chekijians of

The son of Krikor Chekijian (1830-1895) was Hagop Chekijian (1862-1935). He had three sons (Krikor, Aram and Nazareth), all born in Aintab, Turkey.  Krikor died at a young age, and Hagop’s wife passed away by 1905. Hagop married Gulenia Taschjian and had two more sons, Garabed and Mardiros, in Aleppo, Syria.

Then came the exodus to South America for that branch of the family:

28 year old Aram Chekijian [who was nicknamed "Sheikh-Ami" ("Uncle Prince")] came to Argentina in 1924. He then moved to Uruguay with his wife Anoush Maisian along with his six year old son Krikor and four year old son Garbis. They had a daughter named Rosa in Uruguay one year later as well as a son called Hagop in 1929 in Argentina.  

26 year old Nazareth Chekijian came to Uruguay in 1926 with his wife Elisa Adanalian and one year old son Bedros. Their children Krikor, Rosita and Martin were born a few years later.

18 year old Mardiros Chekijian came to Uruguay in 1928. He later married Mary Gosachian who was born in Beirut and they had four sons: Garabed, Hagop, Krikor and Meguirdich.

21 year old Garabed Chekijian came to Uruguay in 1929. He arrived alone, though he was engaged in Aleppo to Anush Margossian, who was born there. They married in 1930, had a son Mardiros in 1931, daughters Perla and Rosa in 1933 and 1936, and a son Pareg in 1938.

The final arrival was in January 1930, when 78 year old Hagop came to Uruguay with his wife Gulenia Tashjian and brought with them Garabed’s fiancé Anoush [see above]. She did not know Spanish,  but learned “si” meant “yes” and at her civil marriage, whenever the official tapped on her shoulder when conducting the ceremony, she would say “si!”

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Hagop and family
The older gentleman, third from the right, is
Hagop Chekijian (1861-1931), the eldest of four Chekijian brothers who resided in Aintab, Turkey during the second half of the 19th century.
He is not the same Hagop as pictured in Uruguay [both men were in fact first cousins].
This photo was taken around 1911 in Aintab.
Seated Left to Right: Yeghia Chekijian, Kevork Chekijian, Meroum Yacoubian (Chekijian), Hripsime Seykeljian (Semerjian), Hagop Chekijian, Haigazoun Chekijian.
Standing Left to Right: Arousiak Nizibian (Chekijian), Nektar Chekijian (Kandaharian), Verkin Chekijian (Seykeljian), Mariam Chekijian